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Atlasglobal’s mobile application will fly you away!

You can finish your flight procedures with Atlasglobal mobile application designed for iPhone, Android also iPad and Android tablets.

-You can buy tickets in 3 steps

You can see Atlasglobal’s domestic and international flights with condition of free seat and price. You can purchase tickets with your credit card and get your other tasks done by connecting the call center with a single click.

-You can check-in online with no charge

You can see your plane’s seat chart, check-in to any seat you like and take your flight cards from our cashier’s desk without waiting in the airport.

-You can learn tariff information

You can see current domestic and international flight tariffs.

-You can reach your departure/landing information

You can reach all the information about departure/landing hours of Atlasglobal flights. You can check if there’s any delay.

-You can get your boarding card with barcodes

You can get your boarding card from the kiosks in the airport with barcodes you’ll receive via mobile application.

For iPhone:

Search for "Atlasglobal" in the AppStore

For iPad:

Search for "Atlasglobal" in the AppStore

For Android:
For Android tablet:

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