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2D Barcode Mobile Boarding Pass

What is 2D Barcode Mobile Boarding Pass?

2D Barcode Mobil Boarding Pass is your boarding pass which ensures your acceptance to flight; you can send your cell phone after online check-in.
Without waiting you can directly go to your gate with the link you have received on your cell phone.

What are the advantages of 2D Barcode Mobile Boarding Pass?
You can start to your trip without going to check-in desk by showing your 2D Barcode Boarding Pass link that you have sent your mobile.

When I arrive at the airport, Can I directly go to the gate without calling by check-in desk?
Yes. 2D Barcode Mobile Boarding Pass that Atlasglobal represents you is allows you to directly go to the gate and board your flight.  

Who can benefit from this advantage?

  • Passengers, who have bought the ticket by, not benefited from any reduction and passed from the 3D security system or Atlasmiles members.
  • Passengers who has bought the ticket by mobile application, not benefited from any reduction and Atlasmiles members.
  • Passengers who have bought the ticket from Atlasglobal sales offices and not benefited from any reduction.
  • Passengers who have bought the ticket from Atlasglobal sales offices (excluding children who travel alone).


I have luggage, Can I pass the gate with my 2D Mobil Boarding Pass?
Yes. You can leave your luggage 30 minutes before the flight to check in desk which is particular for you and you can go to the gate.

Which airports are available to use 2D Barcode Mobil Boarding Pass?
It is available in all airports where we have domestic flights.


Do I need an internet connection for using 2D Barcode Mobile Boarding Pass?
Yes, you need an internet connection and your cell phone should support GPRS. 


When should I be at the airport prior to the flight?
You should be at the airport at least 1 hour prior the domestic flights, at the latest 3 hours prior to the international flight and 3 hours prior to the flight for Iraq and Iran. You should complete all your check-in procedures at least 45 minutes before the domestic flight departure and 1 hour before to the flight departure time of international flights. If you do not complete these procedures, you forfeit all your rights concerning that flight. Besides, you should be ready at the flight gate at the latest 20 minutes prior to departure.

Is it possible to make fast Check-in?
You can use serf-service check-in kiosk machine in the airport for fast check–in. You can check-in within 30 seconds, select you seat number and receive your boarding card and directly go to the gate.


I have Atlamiles card. What are my check-in advantages?
The passengers who give their Atlasmiles card numbers during reservation or check-in can receive service 
at counter C in domestic terminal and at counter M in international terminal at Istanbul Airport,
at counter No 11 in İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport domestic terminal,
at counter No 21 in Antalya Airport domestic terminal,
at special online check-in counters in TRNC Ercan and Bodrum Airports.
Besides, Atlasmiles Card members have the right; 
to travel at the front seats
to deliver the baggage late and pick the baggage first


What kind of identity card is valid for domestic flights during check-in?
Any photo-bearing identity card, identity card, driving license, passport or marriage license, identities given by public bodies and organizations, health record and birth certificate up to one month after the birth (together with the identity card of the parent) shall be accepted.

Identity card photocopy, R.T. personal number printout obtained by fax or the internet shall not be accepted.

Kiosk Check-in (2D Barcode Check-in)

What is 2D Barcode check-in?
2D barcode check-in is the check-in wizard that will enable you to send SMS message to your mobile phone upon making a booking.
Through the link that will be sent to your mobile phone, you can complete your check-in without getting into a queue at the airport. 

What are the advantages of 2D Barcode?
Issues your boarding pass, without having need for any other process, just by scanning the barcode on the screen of your mobile phone to the reader of a Kiosk.
If you have already selected your seat, you need to hold the screen of your mobile phone appx. 10cm close to the Kiosk reader for 2 seconds which will enable your boarding pass to be issued.
If you do not have a pre selected seat, you will be asked to do so now and then your boarding pass will be issued.
By the completion of this process you will not have to wait in a queue at the counter.

Could I proceed to the boarding gate directly after having issued my boarding pass at a 2D Barcode Kiosk?
Yes, you may now proceed directly to the boarding gate upon having your boarding pass issued.

Who could benefit from this advantage?
- Passengers who bought their -non discount- ticket from any Atlasglobal ticket offices/agents.
- Passengers who bought their –non discount- ticket from the Atlasglobal  web-site and those who have gone through 3D security system check or Atlasmiles members.
- Passengers who bought their –non discount- tickets from Atlasglobal mobile applications and Atlasmiles members.
- Passengers who bought their –non discount- tickets from Atlasglobal Call Center. (only exception is unaccompanied children)

I have baggage –Could I realize my check-in at the 2D Barcode Kiosks?
Yes you can. After you have your boarding pass issued at a Kiosk, you may check your baggage in at the counter that has been appointed exclusively for you and then proceed to boarding gate.

Which are the airports where we can have access to Atlasglobal Kiosks?
You can use the kiosks at Istanbul Airport.

Do I need to have an internet connection on my mobile phone in order to use the 2D Barcode application?
Yes, your mobile phone should have an internet connection.

How can I get my 2D barcode read at a Kiosk?
- In order to have a proper reading by a Kiosk, your mobile phone screen needs to be clean and the screen light needs to be on as your barcode is displayed on the screen of your phone.
- The screen of your mobile phone needs to be kept at a distance of 10cm from the Kiosk reader for 2 seconds in a fixed position. Then this process will be completed successfully.

Online Check-in

What are the rules applied for online check-in?

The passengers with scheduled flights from;

- Adana

- Aktau

- Amsterdam

- Antalya

- Baghdad

- Bahrain

- Beirut

- Belgrade

- Bodrum

- Dusseldorf

- Erbil

- Ercan

- Gaziantep

- Istanbul

- Izmir

- Jeddah

- Kuwait

- London

- Medina

- Moscow

- Mykonos

- Odessa

- Paris

- Shymkent

- Sulaymaniyah

- Tehran

- Tel Aviv

- Trabzon

- Yerevan

- Zonguldak



can make online check-in.

Online check-in can be made starting from 48 hours before the flight and continues until 90 minutes prior the scheduled flight.

The passengers who purchased their ticket through should point out their Atlasmiles card number during the reservation of their tickets or should have purchased their tickets through 3D Secure System in order to print their boarding pass.

The check-in process of a passenger who does not meet these requirements could not be completed and in order to complete the process about their selected seats they should stop by the online counter specially designed for credit card control with their credit card which is used for the payment of the ticket or any valid credit card belonging to the passenger.

In addition, the passengers who selected their seat but could not print their boarding pass because of age control for the passengers who have had a discount, and the passengers who have to undergo passport control for international flights; should stop by the online counter in order to complete the check-in process and get their boarding pass.

What are the rules applied for return check-in?
Return check-in aims to minimize the time loss in the airport for the passengers who will go and return within the same day without baggage by realizing the departure and return check-in transactions during departure and giving the boarding cards required for return during departure. Only Atlasmiles members who give their Atlasmiles card numbers during reservation can make use of return check-in service.

Return check-in service is available in for flights from/to Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

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