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Extra Baggage

Lost Baggage

If a checked baggage does not arrive at the destination, the passenger must apply to our Ground Service company from the “Arrivals Lounge” to report the missing baggage. The Ground Service company will fill a PIR (Property Irregularity Report). If the baggage is not found within 5 days, the research will be transferred to the Central Lost and Found department of our company.

After the case is transferred to the Central Lost and Found department, the passenger should send the documents listed below to speed up and ease the process. You can contact us from

For lost baggages:

  • Original loss report
  • Original flight ticket and baggage tags
  • The detailed list of belongings in the baggage. (Color and brands of the items will be helpful to locate the baggage)

The found baggage will be sent to the passenger’s address. The transport charges will be covered by the Atlasglobal Airlines. Passengers can also go and take their baggage themselves.

The maximum investigation period is two (2) months for lost baggage. For the baggage that can’t be found within this period, Atlasglobal Airlines will pay compensation according to the Montreal Convention.