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Extra Baggage

Hand Baggage

What is the size of hand baggage I may carry with me during flight?

Hand baggage should be at a size that fits into under your seat or overhead cabin rack, be maximum at the size of 25x45x56 cm and the weight should not exceed 8 KG. Those hand baggages that not fit these dimensions will be carried as a checked baggage under the cabin. Name and address label should be attached inside and outside your baggage.

Can I carry my musical instrument on board?

If your musical instrument does not exceed the dimensions or weight of a hand baggage (max 25x45x56 cm in size, total dimensions/weight up to max.126 cm/8 kg) you can take it with you on board.

For musical instruments that exceed the dimensions or weight(cello, viola, violoncello, etc.) for a hand baggage but are suitable for the cabin height standards, an additional seat must be booked. Atlasglobal cannot transport contrabass due to cabin height.

What are the rules applied for carrying liquid and similar substances in hand baggage?

The restrictions applying for international flights, will also be valid starting from March 1, 2012 at İstanbul Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports and they will apply for all domestic flights starting from April 1, 2012. You can carry liquid, gel and aerosol in your hand baggage each contained in the containers of maximum 100 milliliter inside a sealed bag of 1 liter.

The liquids which are restricted from onthe board will be allowed in the hold baggages within the rules of the airline.The subject application does not prohibit the carriage of liquids but the amount of them. Each passenger may carry one zipped clear bag size dapproximately 20x20 containing liquid, gel and aerosols each in 100ml.containers.

How will the application work?

  • Each passenger can carry 1 clear plastic bag,
  • The containers in the bag can only be up to 100 ml. each,
  • No matter what the amount is, the containers bigger than 100 ml. will not be allowed,
  • The passengers must show their liquids at the final security control and put them seperately on the x-ray,
  • No liquid restrictions will be applied for luggages that are checked in but our airline rules will be applied,
  • Considering the restrictions it will be easier for passengers to put their liquids in their check in luggages.

A. Liquids included in the restriction:

  • All kinds of liquid including water, syrup, drink,
  • All kinds of cosmetics including cream, lotion oils (including cosmetic oils), perfumes, mascara (excluding the lipstick in solid form)
  • Shaving foams, deodorants
  • All substances in the form of paste including toothpaste; semi-solid food such as jam, honey, yoghurt, molasses and sauce, contact lens liquid, shampoos.
  • Other substances similar to the ones listed above.

B. Exceptions applied in special cases:

  • Medicines (provided that they are prescribed on the name of the passenger or a health report / document stating that the passenger should use such medicines is presented and such medicine is kept in its original package.)
  • Baby food (provided that the baby is also travelling on board and up to the amount required during the flight.)
  • Security officers may ask you to document the exceptional case or may make you taste the medicine / baby food / liquid at the check point.

C. Products I buy from duty-free shop/aircraft during international flights:

The products you buy from duty-free shop or during the flight will be placed in a special bag together with the invoice and the bag will be sealed. This bag will be allowed on board only after the bag and the invoice are checked at the security check point.

If you will go to final destination point by making a transit through another airport, you should not open the special duty-free shopping bag given in the shop or on board until the final destination airport. Otherwise, the content of the bag may be seized in transit airport. In the transits made in European Union countries or America, it is not allowed to carry the products exceeding 100 ml bought previously from duty-free shops in hand baggage even they are in sealed bags.

Fluid substances like olive oil, pickles, tomato paste; flammable substances such as acetone, cologne; cans, sacks, plastic bags and barrels will not be accepted to the flight neither as free baggage nor as cabin baggage.

If you have hesitation, please contact with our call center and travel agency before your flight. And help the security officers and airline company staff in the airport.