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Damaged Baggage

If the delivered baggage is damaged ( broken wheel or handle, torn baggage or deficiency in the goods), the passenger must apply to our Ground Service company from the “Arrivals Lounge” to report the damage.

Due to the Montreal Convention (article 31/2,3,4), in case of damage, the passenger must complain to the airline company forthwith after the discovery of the damage, and, at the latest, within seven (7) days including the date of the flight. Every complaint must be made in writing and given or dispatched within seven (7) days. If no complaint is made within the times aforesaid, a file will not be opened and the airline company will not have any liability of reimbursement.

If the passenger applies for damaged baggage within seven days, Atlasglobal Airlines will cover the repairing expenses, if it is proved that the damaged has happened during the possession of Airline. In case where the repair is not possible, a similar baggage will be provided or a payment will be done based on the value and the purchase date of the baggage.

Atlasglobal is not liable for the destruction, loss or damage of any baggage caused by its inherent defect or poor quality as well as the following conditions that result from normal wear and tear:

  • Scratches and friction that do not prevent the use of the suitcase, non-broken and repairable minor crashes, minor cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents and fabric wear
  • Damage to fragile or perishable items
  • Damages as a result of over packing and/or inadequately-packed baggage
  • Loss of external locks, pull straps, security straps or zipper tabs
  • Damages that have been delivered upon check-in and are approved by the passenger and subsequent damages
  • Lack of brand logos and zipper handles /loss of luggage accessories
  • Slight wetness, dirt and stains


The Ground Service company will fill you a PIR (Property Irregularity Report). In order to assess your request for reimbursement, the following documents should be sent to our Central Lost and Found office. You can also contact us from

For damaged baggage:

  • Original damage report
  • Original ticket and baggage tags
  • Photo of the damaged baggage
  • The receipt of the damaged baggage if possible
  • The repair bill,
  • If a repair is not possible, a written statement of a specialized retailer is required that says the repair is not possible. The current value and baggage size information of the damaged property should be remarked.
  • The receipt of the damaged baggage if possible

P.S.: Please always keep damaged baggage until the case has been finally settled. Otherwise, we kindly inform you that Airline is not liable.