Program Partners

Bank’O Atlas - Grab it and Fly!

Use your Bank’O Atlas credit card to earn miles on all of your shopping as well as on your Atlasglobal flights.

You can use the miles you earn on your Bank’O Atlas card on all of Atlasglobal’s domestic and international flights.

If you have not saved enough miles, you can use advance miles to fly immediately.

Bank’O Atlas card-holders also benefit from the advantages of the Atlasmiles loyalty programme.

To join Bank’O Atlas:

Text ‘ATLAS space TCKN’ to 8444
Contact the Odeabank Call Centre on 444 8 444
Use Odeabank Online Banking or Mobile Banking
Apply via Odeabank branches or ATMs

Atlasmiles members have the opportunity to earn 500 to 10.000 miles per night

With our new program partner Rocketmiles offering the opportunity to make reservation in numerous exclusive hotels in the world, Atlasmiles members earn up to 10.000 miles per night with each reservation they make.

Make your reservation through rocketmiles.com and start to earn miles.

World’s biggest car rental service serving in 167 countries and 40 languages;

World’s biggest car rental service serving in 167 countries and 40 languages; rentalcars.com has joined Atlasmiles family. Atlasmiles members collect 2 miles for 1 TL of each rental through rentalcars.com.

Atlasmiles members earn both in the air and on land.

Earn Miles By Shopping!

Traveling is becoming easier than ever before with Atlasglobal and Akruu project that launched in 2019.

Our program offers Atlasmiles members miles earning opportunities through range of online shops.

You can take advantage of mileage accumulation for all purchases that made through Akruu.com plus, you can enjoy traveling to Atlasglobal destinations with the miles you have accumulated.

If you want to earn miles and enjoy traveling around the world with the miles you collect, join the privileged world of Atlasmiles right now, fly to the world's numerous destinations with special privileges and advantages!

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