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Atlasglobal Conquers The Sky With Women On Women’s Day!

Atlasglobal Airlines, which, thanks to its modern corporate HR practices, is an industry leader in female employment with a total of 688 female employees (139 of which are in management and 549 in cabin crews), celebrated this Women’s Day with a special event.

On 8 March World Women’s Day, Atlasglobal organised flights to take off from Istanbul to Antalya at 10:30 and Antalya to Istanbul at 13:00, to be entirely staffed by women in both cabin and cockpit. The female pilots on board were Batışen Ülken and Elmas Burçin Açıkgöz, who both wished passengers a happy Women’s Day on the flight announcement. After the two special flights, which were arranged in order to challenge the glass ceiling facing women in employment, increase female job opportunities, and draw attention to women’s involvement in social life, Atlasglobal’s Chief Commercial Officer Nevzat Arşan made a speech in which he highlighted women’s achievements in every field and expressed hope that the flights would increase awareness. Atlasglobal Airlines celebrated 8 March World Women’s Day by distributing free chocolates to women passengers.