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Atlasglobal Airlines Achieves a New First with Its New Cabin Crew Uniforms!

Atlasglobal Airlines, which has consistently aimed to be a pioneering force in the aviation sector, held a special evening to unveil its new, excitedly-anticipated cabin crew uniforms. The new cabin uniforms came into being thanks to an innovative new project for the aviation industry and were promoted at an event held at the Hyatt Centric in Istanbul’s Levent district on 25 April. The face of the event was Best Model of the World winner Imani Casablanca, who stressed the catwalk with Atlasglobal Airlines hostesses. Famous names such as Erkan Özerman, Neslihan Yargıcı, Yasemin Özilhan, Aslı Şen, Pınar Hotiç and Merve Toy attended the star-stuffed event. Atlasglobal, holder of the “4 Star Airline” award from independent aviation auditing group Skytrax, works hard to ensure the highest standards of quality befitting this esteemed status. Atlasglobal, which launched a huge project to move beyond the standard traditional cabin crew uniform, held a hackathon over two days with Fashion and Textile students from Dokuz Eylül and the İzmir University of Economics, launched with #HackOurStyle hashtag.

While the uniforms of airline companies all over the world are created by famous fashion designers and using traditional methods, Atlasglobal has replaced the standard with a brand new approach. President of Atlasglobalk, Murat Ersoy, spoke of the project, which provides support to young students, as follows: “With this project, our goal was to show our Turkish youth, as one of the country’s domestic and national airlines, the trust we have in them and to show ho w they can succeed when given the chance . In line with our customer satisfaction -centred service and the care we take in putting our name to firsts, we launched a project for th e new cabin crew uniform designs to be created by young people, the future of our country. At the end of the hackathon, our teams came together with the winner at regular intervals, striving to produce a uniform perfect to the very last detail. I can now see that you have succeeded with the right strategy, investment, and most importantly, great faith.” The creator of the project, the airline’s General Manager of Commercial Operations Nezvat Arşan, said of the exciting and intensive period of the project thus: “The design hackathon, which is a first for both the fashion and aviation industries, was worked on excitedly by the Fashion and Textile students from Dokuz Eylül and the İzmir University of Economics. As a result of the competition, which took place over the course of 48 hours at the Hugo Boss Textile Manufacturers, our judges, drawn from a number of professionals with various areas of expertise, selected the winning new uniform design, designed by the winner, Yaren Eren. At Atlasglobal, we are proud and happy to have held a first in the world and paved the way for our youth.”