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Dear Agency /Partner,

As Atlasglobal we care about your satisfaction. We have prepared this guideline for you in order to avoid any inconvenience. Acting in accordance with the guidelines contained in this document will ensure that your transactions are conducted in smooth and complete manner and will reduce your ADM workload and your costs. Therefore, we recommend you to carefully examine this document and kindly advice to follow the rules mentioned.

Yours sincerely, 



General Information: 

As of 15 May 2017, through check-in cannot be made for passengers holding more than one ticket for their transit route. Check-in will be made for the destination of the respective ticket only. Passengers have toclaim their baggage at the transfer point andapply to the relevant airline counter forcheck-in procedures of their connection flight. Passengers can only benefit from through check-in if their flights are all on one ticket.


Minimum ADM Fee: 

Atlasglobal may issue ADM for all infractions detected or may set a minimum ADM value according to infraction type and agency. A single ADM may be issued for infractions that occurred within the same period by the same Agency.    

Service Fee: 

Atlasglobal may charge a service fee for valid ADM’s. Agencies will be informed about level of service fee and other related rules prior to execution. Service fee will be added to ADM amount. 

ADM issue periods: 

ADM’s are issued according to deadlines/periods set by IATA. Atlasglobal may issue ADMs without any time limit in case of fraud and fraudulent transactions. 

Resolution of Disputes: 

Agencies can dispute ADMs through the sales reporting channel ie BSPlink etc. If this is not possible, disputes can be made through other ways that Atlasglobal will specify. 

Objections to ADMs that are issued by Atlasglobal should not be made later than 14 days. Disputes after this period will be rejected. 

Detailed information and clarification should be added to the disputes. Objections with missing documents and information will be rejected.

Fraud and Abuse: 

Atlasglobal may apply additional penalties on agents which abuses the deficiencies of reservation and ticketing systems or in cases of fraud. The details of penalties will be informed to the agencies prior to application. 


If not otherwise indicated in the fare note, unused tickets are valid for 1 year as of issuance and partly used tickets are valid for 1 year as of first travel date. 

All documents should be issued in accordance with the rules and regulations set by Atlasglobal and other authorities. When you issue a document, take utmost care in order to ensure that the transactions are made in accordance with the below mentioned rules: 

  • Fare differences, 
  • Consistency between booking class and fare basis 
  • Day/time rule 
  • Advance Purchase (AP) /Advance Ticketing (AT) rule 
  • Min./Max. Stay rule 
  • Seasonality, travel restriction, block-out and flight application rules 
  • Stopover restrictions 
  • Other rules and restrictions


In case a ticket needs to be exchanged/reissued, first thing to be checked is if the ticket is used or not. Once this checked, fare difference and/or penalties (adult-child-infant etc) should be calculated accordingly. Documents collection documents must be attached to the ticket. 

Fare difference must be calculated according to the same day exchange rates and in the local currency where the transaction is being made. 

If a passenger, holding a confirmed ticket does not show up before departure (by the end of check-in time), will be considered as no show. Please carefully check related fare rules in case of no show. 

In all exchanges / reissues carried out in CRS Systems and for which penalty is to be collected, the penalty amount must be collected with CP tax code.


Refund can be made for tickets issued within the last 12 months. During refund for tickets, where reissue/exchange action has been done before, the fare rules of the original ticket will be valid. 

Validation of ticket and coupon status must be checked before refund. 

During refund, the calculation of the refundable fee and (if applicable) tax must be made in accordance with the rules. 

Along with the penalty amount, no-show penalty should also be charged if applicable. If commission has been paid, these commission amounts should also be charged back. 

Refund should always be made according to the most restrictive fare rule. (Before & After Departure: When combining fares the most restrictive cancellation rule apply for the entire pricing unit) 

If the refund penalty is higher than the refund amount, the difference is deducted from the tax. If the tax amount is not enough to cover the penalty, the passenger will not be refunded at all. 

In case of refund due to death, it is obligatory to keep the death certificate and forward it to the Airline when requested 

Ticket refund and booking cancellation should be at the same time. The ADM will be raised for each active PNR when the reservation is not cancelled. 

Refund and exchange transactions must be completed before the first flight date on the ticket. Otherwise no show rules will apply and ADM will be raised where nonconformity is detected. 

Form of payment has to be considered during refund. According to IATA rules, refund has to be made in the same channel as the payment (Credit Card if paid by Credit Card, Cash if paid Cash) 

TAX Refund on Non-refundable Tickets: 

In case of non-refundable tickets, according to ticket fare rules, the tax refund must be made directly to the passenger or to the relevant company in case of corporate customers. 

When sales are made through direct sales channels, the travel agent must direct the passenger to Atlasglobal. 

Refund requests should be sent to manualrefund@atlasglb.com.  On refund requests, passenger's PNR number or ticket number, copy of the identity card, a valid mobile phone number and e-mail address must be included. 

In case of credit card sales, refund will be made to the credit card that is given in the reservation. In case of cash sales, the IBAN details of the passenger must be provided. The refund will be made to the provided IBAN. 

On refunds made through GDS channels, Atlasglobal may ask for a document proving that the payment was made to the passenger or may contact the passenger to confirm the payment when it is deemed necessary. In such cases, the agency is obliged to transmit the requested information and documents to Atlasglobal.  ADM shall be issued to the agency who performs abusive refunds or who cannot document or confirm refund to passenger. 

Tax Refunds on GDS Tickets with Exchange / Reissue Transaction made by Atlasglobal: 

If exchange / reissue transactions are made to GDS tickets by Atlasglobal Call Centre upon voluntary passenger request or involuntary reasons (flight delays, schedule changes, flight cancellation, bad weather conditions, extraordinary events, etc.), refund requests must be forwarded to Atlasglobal. The refund will be made directly to the passenger or to the relevant company in case of corporate customers. 

The travel agency should direct the passenger to Atlasglobal. The passenger must indicate the reservation number or ticket number and must include a copy of the identification card along with a valid mobile phone and e-mail address. 

The refund request must be sent to manualrefund@atlasglb.com. In refund requests, the passenger's registration number or ticket number, copy of the identity card, a valid mobile phone number and e-mail address must be included. 

In case of credit card sales, refund will be made to the credit card that is given in the reservation. In case of cash sales, the IBAN details of the passenger must be provided. The refund will be made to the provided IBAN. 


Commission calculation should be made in accordance with the agreement between agent and airline and exceptions should be taken into account if there is any. If the ticket is refunded, the commission amount must berecalled. 


If the transaction is made on the basis of a document (ie. student discount), related documents must be kept for 2 years according to IATA rules. 

Atlasglobal may request these documents from you when necessary. In case of unauthorized transactions or counterfeit documents, Atlasglobal reserves the right to apply penalties.. 


Speculative/Fictitious Bookings: 

  • Bookings consisting of impossible itineraries (post departure bookings, reservations with multiple destinations etc)  
  • Any booking done in an effort to circumvent or extend ticketing time limits or to hold inventory for different purposes 
  • Repeated bookings and cancellations to meet GDS productivity targets  
  • Fake name bookings 
  • Unticketed and cancelled bookings made within 24 hour prior to departure 

areaccepted as speculative/fictitious bookings. Once identified, such bookingsaresubject to ADM of USD30 per PNRwill be raised against travel agencies found in violation. 

2.Inactive Segments: 

Travel agencies are obliged to follow uptheir GDS queues timelyand to delete the inactive segments from PNRs within the same day. 

Any waitlist segment that are confirmed /unticketed or that remain waitlisted and any inactive segments (i.e HX, UN, UC, NO, SC, TK, US, PN, WK)that are not deleted from PNRs and that are not ticketedare subject to apenalty fee of USD30per PNR. 

3.Abuse of Airline Fare Structure and Rules:  

  • Causing a high number of no-show bookings /tickets to gain the fare advantage and/or more reasonable price 

  • Considerable amount of no-shows occured within a certain or different flights, 

areaccepted as the abuse of airline fare structure and rules. Once identified, such bookings/ticketingsaresubject to an ADM of USD30 per PNR.  



Atlasglobal strictly prohibitsany repeated booking or canceling (churning) of the same itinerary in the same class or different classesof service across one or more PNRsor GDSs including, without limitation, to circumvent orextend ticketing time limits, hold inventory or to meet GDS productivity requirements.These practises are subject to a fine of USD5 per segment per passenger. 

5.Misuse of Void Transactions:  

Holding confirmedbookings with voided ticketto overrideadvance purchase/ticketing rules or to hold inventory is not permitted and subject to an ADM of USD30 per void transaction. 


Involuntary Situations/Schedule Changes: 

When involuntary situations and schedule changes occur, the procedures of related authorities and Atlasglobal must be applied. All violations will be subject to ADMs. 

Involuntary changes should be done within 7 days after the original flight date. Please indicate this on the PNR/Ticket in case if you made a change due to Invol. 

Name Changes: 

Names changes/updates can be done up to 3 characters before ticketing. When any violation in name change procedures is detected, Atlasglobal may charge penalty.  

Void Transactions: 

When any violation in void procedures is detected, Atlasglobal may charge penalty. 

Coupon Status: 

Before reissuing or refunding a document, check the status of the coupons.   

Tour/Waiver Codes: 

Please use appropriate waivers/tour codes in case if it is needed and correctly indicate the codes on documents in order to avoid unnecessary workload. Atlasglobal has may charge penalty in case of any violations. 

Sequential Coupon Usage: 

As of June 01, 2017, Atlasglobal Airlines will apply “sequential coupon usage” on its international flights. Sequential coupon usage will be applied for tickets consisting of only international flights. Tickets comprising only domestic and/or Cyprus (Ercan) flights will be considered outside of this practice  

Following rules will apply with the beginning/commencement of this application:  

  • Restrictions will apply for “open ticket” procedures (issueing an open ticket or changing a ticket into open ticket)  
  • Passengers will only be accepted on the flight according to the same flight sequence as on the ticket  
  • In case a passenger fails to use a flight of a ticket, the passenger will be considered as No-show on the respective flight and no-show rules will apply consequently  
  • If a flight is not flown on a ticket, the Airline has the right to cancel the consequent flights of the ticket (IATA Rules – Recommended Practice 1724 Coupon Sequence, clause 3.3.)



IATA Resolution 818g 

IATA Resolution 824 

IATA Resolution 850m 

Other rules of IATA and all related authorities 

Contact Information: 

You can contact your sales office or you can write to below e-mail address for ADM procedures or any ADM issued to your travel agency. 


Right to Change the Document: 

There may be minor variations to our general policy in certain countries and Atlasglobal has the right to amend this document at any time.

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