For Our Passengers Flying to the London!

Dear Passengers;

Pursuant to the decision of United Kingdom Transportation Administration, the relevant authorities has adopted a decsion for the carriage of the electronic devices larger than the mobile phones or smart phones inide the cabin in all flights from Turkey to United Kingdom. As per this application which excludes the medical devices, electronic devices can be carried in hold baggage.
•         The carriage of mobile phones, e- readers, laptops, tablets larger than 16 cm in length, 9,3 cm in width and 1,5 cm in depth and their equipment (consumables) inside the cabin is prohibited (medical devices are excluded). Electronic devices not allowed on board the aircraft can be carried only in checked-in (hold) baggage. Cameras are not included in the prohibited devices for the flights to United Kingdom.
•        You can obtain special protected envelops for safe carriage of these devices from our check-in counters.
•    Said electronic devices are received at boarding gate with special protected envelopes against tag, and placed in special protected cases and loaded to the aircraft. You can receive these devices from the officers at arrival baggage claim hall presenting your tag after getting off upon arrival in Stansted.  
•         Individual/spare batteries and powerbanks smaller than 16 x 9.3 x 1.5 cm are allowed for carriage inside the cabin.  However, if the dimensions of these devices exceed the given dimensions, they are not allowed for carriage both inside the cabin and in hold baggage.
The devices of the passengers who will travel with the devices at these dimensions shall be kept in Çelebi Lost-and-Found Office for 3 months, and shall not be sent. Devices can be received within 3 months. The devices not received after 3 months shall be discharged by the customs officers.
•       This application is valid for this flights from Turkey, and is not valid for the flights from United Kingdom to Turkey.
Atlasglobal Head Office Lost-and-Found Office: LF@ATLASGLB.COM

Ref. Publications:
- Detailed information: https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions/electronic-devices-and-electrical-items

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