For Our Passengers Flying to the London!

Dear Passengers;
The carriage of mobile phones and smart phones larger than 16 cm x 9,3 cm x 1,5 cm,  tablets, laptops and all their peripheral units / accessories, except for the medical devices, in cabin in the flights to London / Stansted is prohibited by the authorities.

As per Atlasglobal implementation under this prohibition, all our passengers travelling to England carry their electronic devices with them to the boarding gate in Atatürk Airport, and the devices are collected by Atlasglobal staff at the boarding gate. The devices are placed in specially protected bags and then returned to the passengers after landing at the baggage claim area.

Thanks to this implementation intended to prevent any possible problems which may be encountered by the passengers, all London passengers departing from Istanbul and in transit travel without any problem.

As a consequence of this decision all such electronic devices, excluding medical devices, will only be carried in the hold of the plane.

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