For unforgettable memories in Mykonos...

For unforgettable memories in Mykonos...

Do not leave without

Watching the sunset in a Little Venice bar, 

- Visiting the nearby island of Delos, home to one of the most extensive archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and birthplace of Apollo,

- Exploring the labyrinthine streets of Chora,

- Taking a yacht tour,

- Partying at the Kalamapodi and Plintri beach bars,

- Sampling Kopanisti, a tasty dip containing whipped feta and red pepper,

- Buying some Kopanisti

to take with  you back home.

Where to eat?

Leto Restaurant: Renowned for its local specialities including Scorpion Fish, Veal Fillet, Dorado Fillet and Parfait Praline, Leto is situated in the town of Chora. Should you decide to visit for lunch, make use of the pretty outdoor pool. At night, the pool is beautifully illuminated to create a romantic atmosphere.

En Plo: If it's a more casual dining experience you are after, head for En Plo. Situated directly in Mykonos Port, this lively cafe-bar takes its name from the Greek word meaning on board, and its prime location means breath-taking sea views. En Plo is open 24 hours a day and serves everything from continental breakfast, coffee and fresh fruit juice to meat dishes, fresh fish and traditional Greek dishes, all at very reasonable prices. En Plo offers a wide selection of cocktails in the evenings, accompanied by soft music and a laid-back vibe.

Mamacas Mykonos:  A classy affair, Mamacas is located in the shady courtyard of a house built by the prominent Andronikos family in 1845. The white-washed walls are punctuated by pretty pot plants and palm trees, the oldest of which is 155 years old. Offering an authentic taste of distinctive Mykonos culture, the meatballs in tomato sauce are a must-try!

Nammos: Ask anyone in town to name the Island's hottest restaurant and the reply will undoubtedly be Nammos, a trendy eatery located on popular Psarou Beach. The restaurant is divided into a formal dining area, lounge with bar and beach club. Known mainly for its bustling dinner scene, meals begin with a generous presentation of homemade breads and hummus, followed by golden fried calamari or crisp house salads. Mains include pasta and ravioli dishes with Greek twists, such as the addition of capers and sun-dried tomatoes, whilst grilled meat and fish is available from the in-house barbecue.

El Greco:You order the fish you see by kg, they cook and serve the fish you have chosen with their method marvelously.

Chez Katrine’s: You can find here the most selected dishes of the traditional Greek Cuisine.

Cavo Paradiso: The parties are accompanied by the music of the DJ’s, lasts untill late hours in this most famous night club of Mykonos.

Space:  A venue mainly of techno and house music is sufficient to please the guests who like to dance. 

Avli tou Thodori: Serves sea food and here you’ll most probably taste the most delicious calamari of your life.

Paradise Club: The biggest night club of Mykonos hosts parties that start at night and last until day time.

Bakalo: The unpretentious, Mykonian example of the original Greek cuisine.

Mykonos Cuisine 


Kopanisti is a type of spicy local cheese characterized by its distinctive, peppery taste. It is an excellent accompaniment to ouzo or any other strong Greek aperitif, or served on bread - the traditional Mykonian way is to enjoy it on sop barley rusk, together with tomatoes or cucumber. It is also sometimes mixed with butter or another, milder white cheese to produce a lighter taste.

Where to stay?

San Giorgio
The San Giorgio Hotel, nestled in between two of Mykonos’s most famous beaches, the Paradise Beach and the Paranga Beach, is ideally situated to take full advantage of all the beach parties. Decorated in a minimalist fashion, the San Giorgio provides an unobstructed environment free of anything that will ruin the experience of waking up facing the sea. With VIP entry for all its guests to the Paradise Club which is ranked among the top clubs in Europe, the San Giorgio surely offers an entertainment experience you possibly never experienced before.

Cavo Tagoo
Cavo Tagoo which features a magnificent view of Mykonos is only a 10-minute walk away from the center. Settled in a location that encourages evening walks and Greek style shopping, the hotel offers shuttle services to and from the town center. Therefore, transportation following a long night of entertainment is no longer a problem. A great example of serene and minimal island architecture, all the rooms of the Cavo Tagoo open up to a marine vista. The hotel also features a swimming pool. Ideal for honeymoons or romantic revivals.

Bill&Coo is surely the most romantic hotel in Mykonos. Every single detail in the hotel seems to be designed to bring couples closer together. Even its name is a reference to love birds so branding the hotel as Mykonos’s “castle of love” would be totally justified. With priceless views of the Aegean during the day, the hotel continues to impress in the evening with its unique lighting fixtures. Plays of light designed in line with the natural environment of the Island is visible in all areas of the hotel and they definitely spice up the feeling of romance.

Kouros adds a breath of fresh air and contrast to the minimal island architecture with its bold use of reds. Situated right next to the Tagoo Beach, the rooms of the hotel have wonderful views of windmills, which prove even more striking when darkness falls. With each room featuring its own private terrace, Kouros answers all sorts of expectations with its proximity to the town center. Kouros has many regulars who visit Mykonos and the hotel every year. Make sure you book your room if you feel like you’re ready to be blown away by this oasis of serenity.

Theoxenia which proved to become a classic in terms of hotel architecture during the 1960s, has returned in true style. This 52 room hotel has presented an architecture that combines the simplistic style of Mykonos and its wild nightlife. While sun worshipers enjoy the white sands of the Moroso Beach during the day, they relax in interiors dominated by turquoise, lime, orange and white in the evening. Only 5 minutes away from the airport and the seaport, all the rooms in Theoxenia feature balconies or verandas with views of either the garden or the sea.

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