Atlasjet's Gift to Jetmil Cardholder Fathers

Atlasjet's Gift to Jetmil Cardholder Fathers

Atlasjet now gives out Karaca t-shirts for fathers and sons who possess a Jetmil Card.

Proud to be “the airline that loves its passengers most,” Atlasjet now offers special surprises to Jetmil cardholders. Jetmil card allows passengers to fly for free using airmiles they collect on
every scheduled Atlasjet flight (flights to and from domestic lines, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran). Jetmil launched a surprise promotion on the occasion of the Father’s Day.
Jetmil cardholders who fly Atlasjet in the month of June will win t-shirts designed for fathers and sons provided that they spend 250 Turkish Liras on their Karacard at any branch of Çift Geyik Karaca.

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