Atlasjet ranks second in customer satisfaction

Atlasjet ranks second in customer satisfaction

Turkish Customer Satisfaction Index (TMME), established by the joint venture of Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) and KA Research Ltd., quarterly measures organizations that provide services in different sectors all around Turkey such as mobile phones, food, personal computer, insurance, and reveals the up-to-date customer satisfaction rate.

According to Turkish Customer Satisfaction Index (TMME), ATLASJET ranked second with 76 points following THY (78 points) in airline sector which has been measured for the first time this year.

ATLASJET displays its difference by ranking second in customer satisfaction among airline companies through the study made in the second quarter of 2007 by TMME, the performance criterion forming the basis for the measurement of satisfaction of the Turkish public. Atlasjet, having adopted the customer satisfaction in principle, continues to climb higher by distinguishing from its competitors.

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