Atlasjet now flies with a more distance coverage of Turkey with the last minute addition of Sivas ...

Atlasjet now flies with a more distance coverage of Turkey with the last minute addition of Sivas ...

Abridging the east and western parts of Turkey, Atlasjet will officially start its flights to and from the city of Sivas by July 4th. Flights are scheduled to take place everyday of the week except Saturdays.
Flight Hours:
Weekdays:   Ist-Sivas  15:20 pm
                     Sivas-Ist  17:00 pm
Sundays:    Ist-Sivas  10:30 am
                   Sivas-Ist  12:10 am

Fare for flights directly between Istanbul and Sivas Provinces is set at TL 99, while a TL 139 is charged by the company for transit flights destined to Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya settlements.

It will be easier to provide access from one side of the country to another through e-ticketing, widely spread ticket points of sale and ease of buying, friendly and caring service and strictly on-time flights.

Furthermore, the third of the 4 A320 series aircrafts has officially been entered into the Atlasjet portfolio of aircrafts, which will physically join the fleet till the end of 2005. Airbus A320 series equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies are designed to provide a safe and fast transportation. These birds attain high standards in performance with their genuine advanced flight management systems. Besides the passenger comfort is ensured by the unprecedented interior design of this aircraft. Airbus 320 is capable of moving at a maximum speed of 900 kmph on the air with 174 passengers set on board.

With the addition of the new Airbus A320 series aircrafts, the total number of aircrafts in the Atlasjet service fleet is expected to become 19 till the end of term 2005. Being the first IATA member private airliner of the country, Atlasjet keeps on its investments toward improving the current levels of quality in its services to better serve its clientele.

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