Atlasjet is the top tax-paying airline company of 2010

Atlasjet is the top tax-paying airline company of 2010

Atlasjet has become the top tax-paying airline company of 2010 by paying 9.9 million Turkish Liras corporate tax in the past year. Recording an annual turnover of 516.7 million Turkish Liras in 2010, Atlasjet has closed the past year by increasing its net profit to a 48.8 million Turkish Liras.

Murat Ersoy stated that they are excited to celebrate Atlasjet’s tenth anniversary of foundation.
“We are proud to have become the top tax-paying airline company of Turkey. Having been
established with a capital of 4,250,000 lira, Atlasjet operated its first flight on the 1st of June 2001.
We are still growing rapidly. We have made 8.5 times more in capital, currently holding a 36,000,000 lira of capital, and an 11.5 times increase in our net profit, which is now 517 million lira. With the e-ticket system we implemented, self check-in kiosks we have brought into service, our Iphone and Blackberry applications, our integration of plane and shuttle services, the title we have earned as
the first private airline company to become a member of IATA (The Air Transport Association) and many more, we have accomplished quite a number of firsts in the sector. Our aim for 2012 is to open
branches of Atlasjet offices in Russia and Iraq in order to offer our comfort and quality service to our future guests there,” Ersoy said. “An active investor in the aviation sector and a contributor to the development of travel sector thereby, Atlasjet transfers its gains from service sector to social
development with an awareness of social responsibility. Atlasjet Professional Training Centre is designed to provide professional training to 300 students and its foundations were laid in April 2010.
The centre will offer 3-year trainings to become apprentice, journeyman, or master. Training
programmes are designed to include a period of internship at industrial park thereby giving students an opportunity to start working immediately after their graduation. Built on a land of 10,000
square-metres in Siirt Organised Industrial Park, Siirt Atlasjet Professional Training Centre
comprises 8 classrooms, one conference hall with a capacity of one hundred, one science, and one computer lab.” Speaking at the conference, Atlasjet CEO Orhan Coşkun said that Atlantic Flight
Academy, established with the collaboration of Anadolu University Civil Aviation Academy and Atlasjet Airlines in order to be a remedy for the lack of pilots in the industry, is to start theoretical training as of May. He said “AFA has bought seven 2011 model glass cockpit Diamond training aircrafts, and it aims to raise the number of training aircrafts it has to twenty by the year 2012,” and added: “ AFA is expected to become the biggest aviation training facility of the area in such a short time as two years, thanks to its B-757 and A320 simulators, private runway, and trainee lodgings.”

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