Atlasjet grabs the S-quality award, the Oscar of Traveling Industry “And the Oscar goes to… Atlasjet!”

Atlasjet grabs the S-quality award, the Oscar of Traveling Industry “And the Oscar goes to… Atlasjet!”

Skal International *S-quality award 2005”, viewed as the Oscar of Traveling Industry, went to Atlasjet.
Bringing some 600 clubs and 25000 members from among 90 countries under a common frame, Skal International Istanbul’s aim in giving the award is to commemorate the achievements of organizations targeting to leverage their lines of quality in traveling industry while providing a benchmark for other workers of the industry.
Solely committed to quality as among its management philosophies in all its operations, Atlasjet continues to receive what it deceives with its efforts.
The Best Air Transport Company Award was given to Mr. Tuncay Doganer, the Director General and a Board Executive, on behalf of Atlasjet.
This award is not only an evidence of the appropriateness of the efforts that Atlasjet has long sustained within its perception of total quality but also honors the entire Atlasjet crew, while instigating them to perform even better.
Having proven successful in a considerably short time period through huge technologic acquisitions combined with high quality and innovative service understanding and accordingly become the first private airliner of Turkey registering with IATA (International Air Transport Association) as a member, Atlasjet keeps providing the best available service for its customers.

Why Atlasjet?

  • The first and only private airliner qualified for obtaining IATA certification in Turkey,
  • The first airliner in Turkey that has initialized the implementation of e-ticket and ticket-free travels in all flight destinations throughout the country (Air tickets reach the cell phones of customers on a 7x24 basis via SMS)
  • The first and only private airlines company of Turkey that has fully automated all the airfields it visits throughout the Anatolian regions connecting them to one another on-line thanks to which it can perform cross-country flights with transits at Istanbul and Ankara cities.
  • The first and only private airliner of Turkish origin that initiated a passenger loyalty program in Turkey with the introduction of jetmiles card, which saves miles as you fly.
  • The first airliner capable of performing multi-modal transportation of passengers to such final destinations where no airfields exist with its airplane + bus combined travel opportunities.
  • The first and only airliner offering affordability of tickets with the use of smartcards supplied by contracted bankers at Points of Sale with installments set up to 6 months for repayments.
  • The only private airliner covering all its jets with leather seats.
  • The first and only private airliner of Turkey who has introduced a club class in all its domestic flights.
  • The first and only private airliner being a candidate service supplier at CIP lounges to be opened up in Antalya and Istanbul cities as at the end of November, this year.
  • A globally renowned, highly reputable air transport company privileged to make reservations for its chartered flights over such CRS as Amadeus and Galileo and to organize the redistribution and picking up of in and outbound travelers subscribed with more than 30 airliners led by KLM, Air France, Singapore Airlines and etc. with interline agreements, throughout Turkey.

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