Atlasjet celebrated April 23 with kids

Atlasjet celebrated April 23 with kids

Atlasjet celebrated April 23 National Sovereignty and Childrens Day with several acitivities. Check in desks and sales offices in İstanbul, Bodrum,Antalya and Ercan Airports were decorated with balloons and boards read, “ Let us fly altogether” Flags and gifts were presented to children during festivities. Jetmil celebrated April 23 by sending presents to Jubior Club members and Junior cardholders.
A total of twenty-one kids between 7 to 12 of age from Bahçelievler Şeyh Zayed Çocuk Esirgeme Yurdu( e shelter house of Social Services and Child Protection Agency) and  their esteemed teacher have been welcomed at Atlasjet Head Office by Atlasjet General Manager Orhan Coşkun and  Atlasjet staff with  balloons and Turkish flags on  April 22. The Group was first entertained at General Manager’s office where they communicated their feelings and messages of April 23. The little ones were given presents by Atlasjet. Orhan Coşkun expressed his gladness for celebrating such  universally significant festivity as April 23 National Sovereignty and Childrens  day with  the kids from Social Services shelter house.

The  kids were later entertained by several shows prepared especially for them at the Head Officeç They were offered treats from. Ülker and Ongan  Food. The kids were then received on an  İstanbul-İzmir-İstanbul flight. They visited the plane with great enthusiasm and travelled with memorable excitement. Atlasjet family was happy for giving them such an opportunity and shared their special feelings at heart.
Welcomed in İzmir by Atlasjet staff on their arrivali the kids visited the fire station at the airport and watched a bomb dog search team presentation by the police at the station at the  airport. Having celebrrated April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s  Day, which was bestowed upon the future generations by our respected and honourable leader Atatürk, with kids from social services shelter house, we, as Atlasjet, felt proud and  happy.

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