The president of Taoc elected

The president of Taoc elected

At the board meeting of Turkish Airline Management Committee (TAOC) held on April 8th in Trabzon, Atlasjet Antalya Regional Manager Serdar Ali Ermiş w as elected TAOC President.

Serdar Ali Ermiş, Head of TAOC, which was founded in order to maintain the operational coordination between government institutions and airline companies as well as associations that provide service for airline companies, delivered a speech at the meeting and stated the following: “We have now committees of airlines active in ten airports all over the country, and all of these committees are gathered here today under Turkish Airline Management Committee. Our fundamental purpose is to
equalise the standards of airports in Turkey. Aviation is based on some essential rules and criteria.
If you cannot apply the same rules and criteria to all airports and if all airports are managed
differently, you are going to have a hard time—that is for sure. This is why we have brought together public institutions and the private sector; in order to determine the easiest way to execute
the operations. We are trying to make things easier by keeping in contact with Office of Airport
Management, Civil Aviation, the Undersecretariat of Customs and the Ministry of Transportation.
As Atlasjet Airlines, we are proud that our precious workmate has been been elected to take over such an important duty and wish him

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