A new emblem for Atlasjet

A new emblem for Atlasjet

Yet, we rank the second!
Therefore we always target to achieve the best and keep continuing with our investments for provision of a more comfortable travel for our passengers.

All our aircrafts are brand-new and their seats covered with pure fine leather.
Our Pilots in Command have an average experience of 20 years.
Our Flights run punctually.
Our passengers experience first any innovations in aviation industry (such as ticket-free flights, book canceling of seats without penalty for up to last 12 hours of any scheduled flight, automatic system information of passengers on acknowledgement of tickets when in reserve and etc.)

All these dense studies, efforts, motivation and modernization steps are reflected in our new emblem.

Our new emblem and the very meaning it purports are enclosed herewith. Please click to see our new logo.

Best Regards,

Tuncay Doganer
Director General and Executive Board Member

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