Special Acknowledgement by Atlasjet to H.E. Minister of Transportation

Special Acknowledgement by Atlasjet to H.E. Minister of Transportation

Mr. Tuncay Doganer, the director general of Atlasjet made the following statement after the last time crisis:
“We welcome with great satisfaction hence should express our deep acknowledgement to Mr. Binali Yildirim, H.E. Minister of Transportation for issuing an instruction for establishment of the Department of Civil Aviation within the body of the Slot Coordination Center hitherto controlled by THY as an autonomous body (i.e. with independently set flight hours) to host civil aviation efforts.

To us this is a historical step taken forth successfully by the Turkish Government. Therefore we are to congratulate him for this.

We, Atlasjet, feel the proud of achieving a first in Turkey by bringing and putting in service such regional jet aircrafts as CRJ 700 series to fly the formerly unreachable destinations such as Siirt, Erzincan and etc. which had lots of physical strictures by their geographical alignment and structure, located in Eastern and Southeastern Regions of Anatolia, Turkey, in continuation of our chartered flight services held to many destinations in Turkey including Izmir, Bodrum, Dalaman, Antalya, Adana, Trabzon, Malatya, Siirt, Erzincan and Van. As you might have already known, the path to perform flights to various airfields distributed over Anatolia passes through performance of technical landings in Ankara. As we are not yet capable of performing full flight takeoffs to these airports, we are used to land in Ankara for refueling purposes. At this context, Atlasjet Airlines will continue with its flights to Siirt and Erzincan with transits at Ist-Ankara connections without the need to set bidirectional flight extras for reaching the aforesaid destinations to these locations, for this moment on.

We have been deprived of the opportunity to set and implement bidirectional flight operations between Istanbul and Ankara as of yesterday. We solely believe that we will soon be resuming our operations on this route with the invaluable contributions and support of H.E. Minister of Transportation.

With the hope of meeting at Ankara Flights.

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