Atlasjet takes 300 students under its wings in 2010

Atlasjet takes 300  students under its wings in 2010

Having  contributed to diverse social responsibility projects in a rich variety of fields such as education, culture, arts, and sports, Atlasjet increased the number of scholarship in the new year.

Setting out with the belief that national development can only be achieved with improved education, Atlasjet funds the education of several students each year. Last year, Atlasjet financed the university education of hundred students who came to İstanbul from the Eastern an the South  Eastern  Regions of Anatolia for college. By 2010 , Atlasjet has increased the number of scholarships to three hundred.

Three hundred students, whose studies ade funded bye Atlasjet , continue their university  education  at such diverse  fields as finance, medicine, engineering architecture, and nursing.

 Among the uncschooled children in Turkey, the majority is girls.  The number of girls not made to attend any school  due to financial problems reaches beyond thousands. Aware of this fact, Atlasjet concentrates its funds on the higher education of girls and paves the way to a bright future  where they become englightened ptofessionals.

A certain proportion of the revenues from Atlasjet tickets are spared fort he scholarship programme.
Atlasjet’s scholarship budget for 2010 is 700.000 TL. Atlasjet yet aims to increase this amount by taking more students under ist wings every year.

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