The President of TAOC elected

The President of TAOC elected

Antalya region director of Atlasjet, Serdar Ali Ermiş has been elected as the President, of the Airline Operators Committee of Turkey (TAOC),
At the last general assembly meeting of TAOC, which was esatblished in order to maintain the operational coordination of airline companies, and the corporations that provide service to them with government  corporations, Antalya  region director of Atlasjet, and the former vice president of the committee Serdar Ali Ermiş was elected as President.

In his first statement upon taking ower the presidency, Serdar Ali Ermiş said " Our aim is to bring all AOC'S together and work on egualizing standards at all airports, and we have done guite well so far." As Atlasjet, we are proud to see our esteemed associate assigned for this duty, and we wish him success in his work.

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