Precautions taken at Atlasjet against swine flu

Precautions taken at Atlasjet against swine flu

Atlasjet increases precautions in the aircrafts as World Health Organisation (WHO) warns over the accelerated spread of the swine flu.

Atlasjet has increased the precautions in the aircrafts against swine flu, which shows an upward tendency not only in the world but also in Turkey. In the scope of the precautions, all HEPA air filters are replaced with new ones in all Atlasjet aircrafts. Used in passenger aircrafts in order to combat the spread of airborne diseases, HEPA air filters are normally changed once in 20 months. Given the risk of swine flu pandemic, all HEPA filters in Atlasjet fleet are renovated regardless of their due time. In an aircraft, the cabin air is circulated every two minutes through HEPA filters, which traps microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, mould, and mildew, and destroys any potentially disease-causing organisms. Cabin air thus becomes safe for the passengers and the crew.

Additionally, prior to each flight, all surfaces that passengers have contact with are disinfected in planes. Valuing the wellbeing of its passengers as much as flight safety, Atlasjet uses the disinfectants prescribed by Airbus and Boeing authorities in order to ensure the high standards of hygiene, comparable to that of an operating theatre. The disinfection procedure involves the application of antiseptics by the licensed staff using special devices, and the control of the professional team to approve the efficiency of the application. The professional team issues a certification upon observing the successful disinfection of the aircraft. By virtue of this procedure, the aircraft is cleaned of all harmful bacteria and virus.

The disinfectants, internationally-proven antiseptics against swine flu, are proved by World Health Organisation as causing no harm to human health. Furtnermore, during the flight, Atlasjet distributes antibacterial hand gel to all passengers.

Taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of swine flu, Atlasjet provides a safe and healthy flight to all passengers.

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