Jetmil now flies you to iran with a special offer

Jetmil now flies you to iran with a special offer

The first airline loyalty programme launched in Turkey, Jetmil provides its members with the
opportunity to fly for free. The special offer now covers Iran, too.
Start collecting airmiles for Iran now.

Proud to be “the airline that loves its passengers the most,” and to provide top quality service,
Atlasjet continues offering special deals to members of its loyalty programme, Jetmil. Atlasjet has recently included in the Jetmil programme the flights to Iran, which were launched in March. Jetmil cardholders will now receive 900 bonus economy class airmiles and 1435 business class airmiles
for a single flight between Istanbul and Tehran. Once the collected amount adds up to 18,000 for economy class, or 31,570 for business class, the cardholder will then receive a single ticket. Iran is
also among the possible destinations to be included in the scope of Elite Card, yet another Atlasjet privilege you are soon to experience.

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