Full speed investments by Atlasjet!

Full speed investments by Atlasjet!

Atlasjet fleet gained a size of 17 aircrafts with the latest acquisition of 2 each Boeing B 757 aircrafts.

Boeing B 757 series, preferred mostly by the top world airliners has capacity for seating 200 passengers once at a time. Capable of moving at a maximum flight speed of 900 kmph these new members of the family will succeed the travel comfort and quality accustomed by Atlasjet customers with its relieving interior spaces. The Atlasjet fleet thus gains a size of 17, increasing its seat capacity up to 3000. Successfully carried 1.334.769 passengers during the time period between January and August ’05, Atlasjet plans to give a boost in its customer baseline through new aircraft acquisitions.

The fleet gets larger in size and new destinations are set to open…
The new destinations set open in Kars and Konya cities during month August this year recently started to receive flights during any day within the week except Saturdays. Atlasjet has thus increased its total number of domestic flights to 14. With its considerable investments and rate of growth, Atlasjet plans to add four new Airbus A319 series aircrafts into its service fleet between Dec 2005 and April 2006, each bearing a capacity of 144 seats.

Being the first IATA member private airliner of Turkey, Atlasjet continues with its investments toward further improving its quality of services supplied to its clientele.

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