Children of Atatürk flew with Atlasjet

Children of Atatürk flew with Atlasjet

Atlasjet hosted 11 successful students and their valuable teachers from İzmir Dereköy Primary School, in İstanbul on the 71 st. anniversary of the death Atatürk.

The students and their teachers, who arrived in Istanbul from Izmir by the 08:30 flight,visited the Dolmabahce Palace as the first thing on Nowember, 11th. They  also visited Ayasofya, Topkapi Palace, Yerebatan Sarnici, and Sultanahmet, after being joined by Feyzullah Özcan, the Assistant Governor of Istanbul, The Students and the teacher,who had many happy moments during the day, left Istanbul with the 19:45 flight of Atlasjet.

The  Vice Principal of the Derekoy Ebso Primary School, Fatih Sakin, stated his comments on the  trip as follows: " Our students will be raised by being aware of the enrichments of our country and in the direction of principles of Ataturk, thanks to trips like this." We were proud and  happy, as Atlasjet, to be with the children who are the keepers of the future...

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