Bursa (BOSSEK) Rally was held

Bursa (BOSSEK) Rally was held

The ninth leg of the turkey rally championship, the green bursa rally was held 30th time this year. organised by bursa automobile sports club (bossek), the very first motor sports club in turkey, the
rally saw atlasjet-ströer racing team battle for victory.
Atlasjet-Ströer Racing Team, the ambitious team of the Turkey Rally Championship, started off the race with a special design Grande Punto Super 2000, prepared by the experienced team of ST Racing. Serkan Yazıcı and his co-pilot Kaan Özşenler took the advantage of racing in their hometown and claimed the leader position in the first minutes of the race. Having thus gained a huge advantage against their runner-up and biggest rival Yağız Avcı, Atlasjet-Ströer Racing Team secured their leader position ahead. However, Serkan Yazıcı’s car got damaged during water crossing eventually losing him both trophies, that of 30th Green Bursa Rally and that of Turkey Rally Championship.

Serkan Yazıcı expressed his disappointment for losing all chances of championship and for being unable to complete the race in his hometown. Yazıcı said, “This sport is all about mechanics, and nobody knows what happens and when it happens. We were leaders in the race to victory but all of
a sudden, due to an unexpected technical failure we fell out of the race. We had to postpone our
hopes for the big trophy for the next season.” ST Racing Team Leader Yusuf Aramacı said that a small failure that occurred in the car during water crossing resulted in a big loss, and added, “the
automobile was prepared to be flawless, and we were leading the race. But luck was not on our side today. Water crossing spoiled all our plans.”

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