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The Daylight Saving Time

Due to decision of the Council of Ministers,  the Daylight Saving Time for Turkey will not end on 30 October and remain all year long. This means,  between 30 October 2016- 25 March 2017, all of the domestic and international flights landing and take-off times in Turkey and North Cyprus will be one hour later than scheduled. 

Time change on the tickets has been done. There will be no change to the international departure/ landing times of the flights which start or end in other countries, since these will remain in local time.

Due to above mentioned application of daylight saving time regulations; for passengers requests ticket rules will apply.

For example, flight number KK6041 was scheduled to depart from İstanbul at 10:40 landing in Amsterdam at 13.20. The departure time from İstanbul has been changed to 11.40 but the arrival time in Amsterdam remains 13:20. For flight KK6040 which was scheduled to depart from Amsterdam at 14:30 arriving in İstanbul at 19:00 the departure time from Amsterdam remains the same but the arrival time in İstanbul has become 20:00.

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