MERS-CoV Disease Information

MERS-CoV Disease Information

For information concerning the MERS-Cov disease (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) please click here.

MERS-CoV Disease Information
MERS-CoV disease (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)
Disease caused by a coronavirus.

Contagion: Spread primarily through droplet infection from person to person via close contact (sneezing, coughing, etc.).
Incubation period: 5-14 days

Symptoms: Fever, cough, sneezing and shortness of breath.

Prevention: As of yet there is no vaccination. Face masks should be used when approaching a potentially infectious person.  The use of gloves and frequent hand washing/hand sanitizer are strongly recommended.

Treatment: There is no known specific cure. Symptomatic treatment should be applied.
NOTE: If fever, cough and shortness of breath occurs within 14 days of travel to high risk areas, please seek medical advice, indicating your travel itinerary.

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